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Histo Clear II

National Diagnostics HISTO-CLEAR II 1 GL

Histo-Clear II Low Hazard Biodegradable Lowered Citrus Odor Histo-Clear II, like its predecessor Histo-Clear, is a safer histological clearing agent that leads to the manufacturing of high-quality tissue slides. Histo-Clear II is unhazardous and absolutely biodegradable, thus decreasing disposal costs. Histo-Clear II has a vastly diminished citrus odor as compared with completely different citrus-based histological […]

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Accu Gel Ultra Pure

Secure and Pure AccuGel 29:1 is secure for 24 months when saved tightly capped in a darkish space at room temperature. Potential Well being ResultsInhalation Inhalation of mist causes irritation to the respiratory tract. Signs could parallel ingestion. Ingestion Poisonous! Might trigger systemic poisoning. Might trigger drowsiness, tingling sensations, fatigue, weak spot, stumbling, slurred speech,

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