Natrol Meningitis

Zeptometrix NATtrol Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel

  INTENDED USE:  NATtrol ME Controls are designed to guage the effectivity of nucleic acid checks for willpower of the presence of viral, bacterial and fungal nucleic acids. NATMEC-BIO can be utilized for assessing lot-to-lot check out bundle effectivity and training of laboratory personnel.  NATMEC-BIO accommodates intact organisms and must be run in […]

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Syphilis Mixed Titer Panel

Syphilis Mixed Titer Performance Panel

Abstract A newly developed immunochromatography assay, DainaScreen TPAb (Dainabot, Tokyo), to detect antibodies specific to Treponema pallidum was evaluated. As soon as we examined serum and plasma samples of Syphilis Blended Titer Effectivity Panel PSS201 (Boston Biomedica, Inc. , Bridgewater, MA, U.S.A.), the entire test outcomes obtained by DainaScreen TPAb have been akin to those

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