Ecoscint A displays exceptional sample holding capability while still delivering high efficiency, easily accommodating up to 40% sample while maintaining a single liquid phase. Furthermore, Ecoscint A has exceptional resistance to photoluminescence and chemiluminescence. Ecoscint A is readily biodegradable, with a mean DOC elimination of >70% at 10 days. The high flash point, low odor, and low toxicity of Ecoscint A make it perfect for benchtop work, as it is not necessary to use or store under a fume hood.

Ecoscint A maintains its high sample hold capacity for a broad range of solution types, delivering high-efficiency counting for many different types of samples.

The above recommendations apply to most common applications. For more specific advice tailored to your applications please call National Diagnostics technical support. We will be happy to run basic compatibility testing in our laboratory if needed.

All Ecoscint liquid scintillation cocktails solutions are non-toxic, ecologically responsible, biodegradable (means DOC elimination of >70% at 10 days), complete, and ready-to-use scintillation solutions. These solutions do not contain any harsh, toxic, or hazardous compounds found in conventional scintillators (substances listed under Title 40, Sub-chapter R of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations).

All Ecoscint scintillators have very high flash points of over 150°C. This makes Ecoscint the perfect bench-top scintillator. These scintillators are bacteriologically converted to harmless water and CO2 upon disposal. This makes Ecoscint safe enough to dispose of down the drain. Polyethylene counting vials are not permeated by these solutions. This permits subsequent counting and completely eliminates the build-up of hazardous vapors in the laboratory.

Therefore, Ecoscint does not need to be stored under a fume hood, freeing up space for the handling of more hazardous chemicals. All National Diagnostic scintillation products are guaranteed to be of the finest quality at the time of shipment. All materials shipped are guaranteed to meet the specifications indicated.

All ‘nonflammable” scintillation solutions are manufactured from either ND-103 or ND-105. These solvents are high in flash point, low in evaporation rate, and high in counting efficiencies. Note that “nonflammable” designation means that this material will not ignite as readily, or burn with the intensity of violence as those classified as “flammable” (ex. toluene or xylene). It is also important to note that every precaution must be taken in the use, storage, and handling of these scintillators to avoid the possibility of ignition.

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